The sound of a singing reel, rediscovering the pleasure of a sweet embrace - making it real . . . Tango Tails

​(Il suono di un mulinello in canto, riscoprendo il piacere di un dolce abbraccio - che lo rende reale. . . Tango Tails)

Ladies' line of tables at Cachirulo milonga in Buenos Aires on the left and Mens' line of tables on the right. Set-up for the "Cabeceo" way of asking a lady to dance.

Painting by TangoTails

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Painting by TangoTails/Douglas Rhodes presented to Paloa Cabrera, instructor at ArgenTango

The Argentine Tango Connection & Fly Fishing:  An Evening in Buenos Aires (by TangoTails/Douglas Rhodes) First reading on the Podcast "TangoAngeles" with Ronaldo at on Oct. 5, 2016 – "Miguel Caló" and his Orchestra at the end of the podcast in "Love in the Length of a Song".

As fish-net stockings and sexy stilettos are to the seductive charm of nature, Argentine Tango is to Fly Fishing.  When first arriving to a river or milonga, everyone respectfully salutes each other at the entrance or bar.  We are then seated at our table or “beat on the river” and then begin to study our approach: How is the pista/river flowing?  Where are the fish or dancers, the most fish, the quality fish? The beginners want to catch as many as possible, while the more experienced choose a quality fish or dance.  Like at “Cachirulo”, nature has set up the tables with the quality dancers/trophy trout up in the front.  The majority - the less experienced, younger or weaker trout, respectfully take the back seats.  At every “Catch & Release” river, respect is the first card played.
The setting:  A Saturday night in March at the “Milonga el Beso” in Buenos Aires.  It was my first time in country.  My Italian wife and I were seated at a table with some newly acquired Argentine friends, her wanting to sit apart to dance with the Argentine men.  

About an hour into the milonga having danced several tandas, I was gathering-up-my-courage.  Because, off to my port side about 90 degrees, I had spotted a gorgeous tanguera like a trophy trout in a “prime lie” on a blue-ribbon trout stream.  She was a lovely Hungarian lady sporting an elegant, sexy black dress.   

Timing her rise, at the start of the tanda, I launched my dream cast “cabaceo”, and the loop flawlessly unfolded with the wind and current.  It was a perfect drift and presentation. “The take” was a rich warm smile and confirming head nod – just as a trout would sip my fly during an evening hatch.  

At “the set”, a roar of emotions instantaneously clutched me as my fly reel began singing on an initial run.  I lost my breath for a moment, trembling inside.  In the world of fly fishing there is a saying, “the tug is the drug”, and in seconds I was intravenously “under the influence” of her soothing embrace.  As we synced, I felt safe and able to BREATHE again, savoring the magic moment.  

The dance floor was extremely crowded, elbow-to-elbow.  But, there was “room -a-plenty” to engage in this communion of souls.  We were a single woven cord, able to do leg-wraps, intimate moves and spontaneous foot-work that I had never done before in such a small space, effortlessly not touching anyone – respecting the dance space.  

It was an enrapturing experience reminding me of the short life of an “Adult May Fly” as they are “spinning” up & down over a river at dusk.  Having finished their tanda, the “male spinner” falls gently to the water.  Fulfilled, his life over – a lifetime in a moment.  “Love in the Space of a Song”.

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