Fly fishing for red fish in the estuaries of South Louisiana, November 2016.


Tango School & Milonga in Avellino, Italy. Owner: Antonio BuonAnno.  Principle Instructors:  Paola Mariana Cabrera and Giovanni Cocomero

Currently 2016: Classes Monday evenings & a milonga twice a month on Saturdays. See the link below current events/times & classes. Also, visit their website at:

Tango Classes on Saturday evenings before the milonga with Mariano Palazón (from Argentina) & Valentina Romano as advertised on Facebook with ARGENTANGO Avellino.

Massimo Tirrocchi: Guide/Custom Bamboo Rod Craftsman & Designer, Fly Tyer. 

Armando Di Giacomo:

Friend, Guide, & Fly Tyer

As an outdoorsman, I have been hunting & fishing since the age of 4 years old in the swamps & marshes of South Louisiana. I have worked as a professional fisherman in Louisiana from 1988 to 1992.  Over the past 10 years, I have been working & volunteering with some of the best fly fisherman in the industry. I have been a volunteer - working with the FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championships from 2012 - 2015 traveling throughout Europe. I am currently serving as a volunteer judge for local & national competitions & championships in Italy. This site is a work in progress like my adventure and learning path to my passions in life. The main influences to my tangotails experiences, here in Italy are:

Armando Di Giacomo (Nando):  A professional guide for over 15 years. President of the Federation of International Fly Fishing Sports Italy (FIPS Italia), Southern region/Molise 10 years. Owner/President of Molise Fly Fishing Club/competition team. Specializing in Italy's future, Nando specializes in his regions youth. He has trained numerous champions, for both national and world championships. In the past 4 years, two of his club members have competed in FIPS-Mouche World Championships. He is based in the Molise Region & specializes on sections of the Volturno River, his home waters. However, he also reaches out to several other rivers throughout Italy, but mainly in the Abruzzi, Molise & Campania region

Contact information: or on facebook

Owner: Douglas J. Rhodes


Fly Fishing in Slovenia on a Chalk Stream, the Unica River_Nando & Me.

Fishing in Louisiana, tango with a red fish
In Close embrace with my wife in Sorrento, Italy in association with "ArgenTango" in Avellino 
​​Caught in Austria

This site has been created primarily as an inspiration to my interest in Argentine Tango and Fly Fishing. It is a non profit organization to help share the experiences and joy that I have found on my travels in the world of Fly Fishing & Argentine Tango. The primary target of my outreach is the Campania Area and eventually expending out across continents if possible. That being said, to carry out this effort, I also reach-out to the local Italian community and local communities across Europe, and other countries where the adventure takes us! Note: this site is a work in progress. . .

Heraclitus of Ephesus & tangotails

No man ever steps in the same river twice. ​(As well as no tanguero/tanguera ever steps in the same milonga twice)