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Best books that I recommend on Argentine Tango Music & Dance:

The podcast series, "Tango Angeles", with the velvety smooth voice of Ronaldo's is nothing short of a monumental contribution to Argentine Tango to the English speaking world. He has helped me in a grand way to farther my understanding of Argentine Tango in all areas including: the people, culture and music of Argentine Tango. If you have not heard any of his podcasts, please visit his Facebook page, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, log in with iTunes under "Tango Angeles", or the UBN Radio website or Tango Angeles website. Thank you Ronaldo for this crown jewel in the treasures of tango resources!

To contribute effortlessly to the "Tango Angeles" self funded site:  When shopping on, , just login to his website,,  click on the tab "Sponsors", and then enter the Amazon shopping site for all of your Amazon purchases. What a nice way to help this self funded project that continually gives and enriches the world of Argentine Tango!

Radio Tango Angeles, UBN Angeles


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This lovely couple, Pablo Rodriguez & Naomi West, are located in central London, England. They teach with an unusually profound approach to dancing Argentine Tango and also present some of the best milongas in central London. Check-out the video(s) below and their website:

Author: Michael Lavocah

Book(s): 1. "Tango Stories" (Best book I know on the major tango orchestras. A must have in your library!)

                2. "Tango Masters, Aníbal Troilo". (Book devoted to the great orchestra leader)

Alberto Paz

Tango Angeles with Ronaldo

Massimo Tirrocchi

Custom made bamboo rods by a master craftsman & designer. Checkout his Facebook page at: "Living the Bamboo New Age".

The Argentines, such as Alberto Paz, introduced the "close embrace"  style of dancing to the tango salons of the world. Alberto was a tango historian in search of the truth, a writer, teacher, and milonguero, who had a huge impact on the tango world. One of his most important contributions, to me, is his website and book. He created a library of songs that he translated into English - free to the public on his website. Such a resource is difficult to find, and is a great learning tool for tango lovers to understand the meaning behind the music, time period, people's lives during this time period, and the significance to acquire a deeper understanding which can be reflected in our interpretation of the dance in our milongas.  

In 1995, Alberto married the love of his life, Valorie Hart.  Alberto and Valorie quickly established the tango school "Planet Tango" in New Orleans, Louisiana. Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart were winners of the 3rd USA Tango Championship in 2009, "Salon Style". Alberto passed away unexpectedly in 2014, doing what he loved--- teaching a tango class.  Valorie continues to carry their love of tango to the world. People can contact her at for any information on the "Planet Tango" page.

If your are passing through New York with a stop-over at JFK or planning a vacation in New York City. You may want to visit "Tango For All" with Diego Blanco and Ana Padron. They offer classes, practicas, milongas, shows and many resources for tango opportunities in the New York City area. Visit there website at: and "subscribe" to their news letter and check for "events".